Das Programm

Dam programm braun rams

This is a great idea. Das Programm is an shop that only sells objects designed by Dieter Rams that were issued between 1955 and 1995, the time when Rams was Braun’s Director of Design. It also acts as a museum of sorts, with relevant historical product details available when possible.

4 Comments on "Das Programm"

  • Pretty interesting items in this store. I’m always looking for inspiration for my work and these have given me some good ideas.

  • Sexy design.

  • Billy says

    If i had the money, I would buy everything under electrical. Great site…

  • I love the off white vintage look. I seen a food blender in John Lewis the other day that was the same sort of colour, it looked out of place by 50 years, but it had way more appeal.

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