100 Days

100 Days Brockmann

100 Days is a fascinating project by Jessica Svendsen in which she created daily variations of Josef Müller-Brockmann’s excellent Beethoven concert poster. The project was part of the Michael Bierut 100 Days Workshop at the Yale School of Art.

6 Comments on "100 Days"

  • Kai says

    wow, wow, wow, this is so great…

  • bastie says

    such a great project!

  • Lovely project. Really interesting concept.

    I had that poster on my wall back when I was a student. One day my friend was looking at it and asked “Who’s beef oven?”. Made me laugh.

  • Mario says

    It’s great but share lots of affinities with: http://www.league.ch/pages/planets.html

  • Wow, I wish I had something to add. Unfortunately I have nothing really to say but WOW!

  • Avery Wilson says

    I found this extremely wonderful, I am currently attending Full Sail University Online in a Digital Arts and Design program and one of our projects involved us making logo’s for a Record label. I though It was weird to use circle to give a visual to sound but I see I am not alone in my thinking. I enjoy the design and the simplicity behind the idea.