Network Osaka – Stanford University Poster


I’ve been a fan of Network Osaka’s work for a while now, and this A1 silk screen poster for Stanford University floored me when I saw it. I love the choice of colors and the overprint look, as well as the use of photography to really bring the entire piece together. This design feels fresh but also seems like it could be a poster right out of the 60s. It must be a beauty in person.

Definitely check out Network Osaka’s full portfolio. A lot of excellent design in there.

4 Comments on "Network Osaka – Stanford University Poster"

  • Mirtho says

    I work with that guy, and he is awesome!!!

  • lloyd says

    I sit right next to Derek. He kills the graphics design.

  • d. says

    This deserves a cup of Chilean wine, weon!

  • Callin Mackintosh says

    Is there any way of getting of copy of this poster?