Wrench Monkees


When it comes to minimal design, my passion for it extends way beyond graphic design. When it comes to design in general, whether it be a house, a shirt, or a spoon, I also prefer a minimal approach and aesthetic. So when I saw these custom motorcycles by Copenhagen based shop Wrench Monkees, I immediately fell in love.

Most of their bikes have a cafe racer style which I love, and the bikes are stripped down to their bare essentials: a motor, two wheels and a handle bar. The bikes have more a mechanical look to them as oppose to the mainstream bikes that are all cover in plastic.

When looking for inspiration, even motorcycles can influence my designs. I love it.

6 Comments on "Wrench Monkees"

  • Definitely makes me wish I rode a bike!

    Gotta say that I’m getting more and more impressed with contemporary Danish design.

  • Jeroen Otte says

    always loved their minimalistic cafe racers. Good alternative for those shoddy new Triumph Bonnevilles.

  • Gotta love Wrench Monkees, they make nice bikes even nicer.

  • TheKid says

    wow, you designs are great. i am a budding designer and your work is inspirational.

    i found a nice app for all designers and would like to share it with you.
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  • Berg says

    Being a graphic designer who also loves motorcycles, I immediately fell in love with their work. I stumbled upon Wrench Monkees a while ago, and it just so happened that they share an affinity for a certain bike I was currently rebuilding, ’78 KZ750 B. I’m changing the way I was going to build the bike, as they have a gift for finding the design hidden in the design of a bike. The way it should have been designed. They are true artists.

  • Really love their work, Deus Ex Machina and Falcon also produce some similar motorcycles.