Laurent Nivalle Photography


French photographer Laurent Nivalle has a stunning portfolio, but it’s his Le Mans Classic series that just blows my mind. The mix of vintage race cars, and the faded colors trick you into believing that these are photos from the 60s. The crops and compositions are just perfect, and the buttery shallow depth of field make the images irresistible. Makes me miss DSLRs. Laurent does also have an excellent gallery iPhone photography.      

3 Comments on "Laurent Nivalle Photography"

  • Yuriy says

    Beautiful stuff! Very inspiring. Does anyone know if he’s using an app for his iPhone shots?

  • Ya he’s mostly using “Shake It Photo” and “Lo-Mob” (both are pretty awesome apps). I have some examples on my Flickr. Hope that helps!

  • Tim Rigg says

    I think he’d most probably be developing a unique set of actions for most of them in PS..