10 Penneth


The always inspiring Craig Oldham has created a small booklet titled 10 Penneth that spawned off of a lecture series he gave to graphic design students. The booklet is a series of short essays that help students become better graphic designers and better understand the profession.

The design aesthetic doesn’t fall in line with what usually gets posted here, but I think the principles behind it are the same. The execution is beautiful in my opinion, minimal and visually interesting.

I personally love any project that educates students on graphic design, especially when they’re free! That’s right, Craig will send you a free copy of the booklet as long as you cover a small postal fee. Just shoot him an email.        

5 thoughts on “10 Penneth

  1. Thanks for bringing a bit of day-glo to the blogosphere. I’ve rarely seen a more dramatic juxtaposition of aesthetics in a single spread. The reader text on the left is a beautiful exercise in composition.

  2. While I’m looking at the reader text…

    I suddenly get torn away by the bright neon colors like a semi-truck going 100mph and I’m being towed behind on my stomach.

  3. Well worth getting hold of, so much more impressive in all its A3 glory! Craig is a brilliant wordsmith and a rarely articulate talent.

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