Thinking for a Living Relaunches


A new and improved site for Thinking for a Living has launched! The site, in my opinion, is at the forefront of interactive design. It’s a great example of why Flash isn’t the only means of creating a dynamic interactive experience.

The site was designed by BBDK and Frank Chimero and built by Jedi Knight Ian Coyle. It features keyboard navigation, a fine grid, and a ton of original and inspirational content.

I’m super excited and proud to be a part of this fine network of people and sites. TFAL is a must read for any creative type.        

6 Comments on "Thinking for a Living Relaunches"

  • Great job guys! Looks very slick and as always is packed with very inspiring and educational content!

  • Bjorn says

    I love it! Nenver seen anything like that yet.

  • It’s always had interesting content. It reads like a book. Now, it doesn’t just read well, it works!

  • LONO says

    love the navigation… very inspiring!!

  • I have really been enjoying this site, both for its design, which is really comfortable, and its content, which contains enough goodies to keep you coming back for months.

    I’m looking forward to following it along.

  • @Dazerk says

    Very refreshing.