Tom Balchin


When I first saw Tom Balchin’s work, it blew my mind. This talented designer has a certain style that just seems perfect to me on every level. Tom uses only the minimum amount of elements and colors and organizes them on a solid grid. Perfect.        

9 Comments on "Tom Balchin"

  • Taufik says

    man, it’s beautiful..
    that’s it..

  • john says

    lovely poster! just get rid of one of the lines on each musical staff… there are only 5!

  • Mike says

    This is some really lovely work.

    Thank you kindly for posting.

  • Magnus says

    This dude goes in to my favourite folder.

  • Great work indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  • Quentin says

    open my brain…

  • Sammy says

    Not sure what all the fuss is about to be honest. Not much of this work is commercially viable – it all seems a little bit self indulgent to me!

  • Daniel says

    Kenny Loggins was once commercially viable.

  • Ryan says

    Really like the Defacto magazine.

    Wouldn’t mind a bit of meat on the visual bone though, I just find myself wondering who the work is for, the concepts behind it etc…without that it’s just style, and a style I’ve seen done better many times before.