4 Comments on "Anton Stankowski"

  • Seán says

    This site (http://www.stankowski-stiftung.de/) is also a great resource on Stankowski. You can buy some very nice design books off them for a very reasonable price. I believe the same books were on counterprint for about 6-7 times the price.

  • The monograph on his work, Stankowski 06, is amazing. One of the best books I own. Well worth checking out, he did work back in the 20’s and 30’s that still looks current today. There are some images of the book on my flickr page.

  • Chris says

    The hidden message in the Deutsche Bank logo is amazing, the outside square means your money is safe with us and the diagonal line – your money is always going up! Very clever. Not sure in the current climate this is the case!

  • Gilles says

    Another good book in German and English: Anton Stankowski – Frei und Angewandt 1925-1995 / Free and Applied 1925-1995.
    Was able to buy this at a discounter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.