Photoshoptimize – Optimize Photoshop Performance


Yesterday I was searching around for tips on how to improve the overall performance of Photoshop. I found a bunch of good ones, but there was no site that included them all, at least not in a clean, simple layout that’s easy to read. So I decided to quickly put together a page since I figured it might be useful to others. I call it Photoshoptimize. Clever huh?

All these tips have improved overall performance, especially with redrawing the image when zooming or panning. Some of these tips might not fit your workflow, but the more you do the better.        

5 thoughts on “Photoshoptimize – Optimize Photoshop Performance

  1. I have a good one: Get a decent computer. There is no need to sacrifice features.

    Running your harddrives in Raid and increasing memory to a minimum of 6gb gives you a very nice performance boost.

  2. Thank you! because of this I found a solution to a problem (something about window automatic resizing) that had been bothering for a long time!

    thank you thank you thank you

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