4 thoughts on “Vintage Porsche Posters

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  2. I’ll actually try to respond with a comment relevant to the post!

    I’ve seen these posters before on grain edit (via ffffound where else!) and absolutely love them. I’ve also seen an article in a classic car magazine about a guy who has been collecting them for years and has a huge collection, and I was so jealous, especially when I read that some go for thousands of [please insert your currency, mine is pounds].

    I just wish that Formula 1 and other motorsport formulas and series would go back to these styles of posters. I mean just look at the last few years of F1 posters, including this years: http://www.formula1.com/services/downloads/
    They’re all just so dull, each one is a take on the F1 logo using the colours of the sponsor, how wonderfully corporate of them, and I say all this as a F1 fan.


    ps. I like the ‘anti-span’ word, very AisleOne/Antonio – Nice touch!

  3. I’ve got a folder full of these on my Mac. Just wish I could find some online in high-res to print off for the hallway in my flat to go with the vintage VW posters I had given.

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