Povilas Utovka

Graphic designer Povilas Utovka has a small but excellent portfolio. Would love to see more work from this talent.

On a side note, I’ll be on vacation for the next two weeks so the posts might get a little sparse.        

4 Comments on "Povilas Utovka"

  • nerdski says

    Really great work. The Umbro Future piece is another good one.

  • Rob says

    Take a look at http://alistairwebb.com/

    Same person? Collaboration? Monkey business?

  • Senoir S says

    Apparently it’s collaboration work. I’d be interested to know who’s responsible for what. There’s always a big grey area with collaboration work.

  • j says

    the modernists love big grey areas so that probably why… second only to big white areas