H&M Packaging


Ok, this is probably the first and last time I’ll write this but… I have a crazy urge to go out and buy women’s stocking and tights. No, not to wear, but because they’re wrapped in a gorgeous packaging design by one of my all-time favorite studios, BVD.

Why can’t all packaging design be this damn good? Too bad it was in circulating between 1999-2001. Bummer.

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6 Comments on "H&M Packaging"

  • great stuff!

  • Nikolay says

    The BVD guys are just awesome 🙂

  • Its nice to seem some great packaging design for items you wouldn’t think of.

  • Bob says

    Nice package.



  • I’m a fan of the two top packages. it must be the photography as everything other than that is the same on all four packages.

  • Clean and simple done right. It still amazes me now the simplicity is better, and this design shows you how true that is.