Limited Edition Helvetica Moleskine


Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. When I first saw this limited edition Helvetica Moleskine, I almost fell off my chair. Helvetica+Moleskine+Red+White+Cross=Perfection.

This notebook has instantly become my holy grail. I must have one and apparently there is also a black version. If anyone knows where I can get one please let me know! Thanks.

You can check out more photos here.        

16 Comments on "Limited Edition Helvetica Moleskine"

  • hello antonio!

    check out
    i ordered myself two pieces this morning and already got a shipping notification 🙂

  • Ben says

    Yeah, these are pretty sweet! Add one to your basket here –

  • Arnault says

    Hello. There is a limited quantity of these notebooks for sale on

  • Excellent! Thanks guys!

  • pricey. I will probably end up making my own. Awesome though.

  • Nikolay says

    definitely ordering one!

  • wow….amazing.

  • matiasnu says

    I felt an urge to buy one red and one black, don’t know why, but I did it 😉

  • josh says


    (it said my comment was too short, it is now longer…)

  • Johan says

    Five books less. Hurry up guys 🙂

  • Bob says

    Black and Red.
    Mine. All mine I tell you!!!

    Good spot Antonio!

  • Luis says

    For $33.28 (american dollars) I think it worths it.

    Also, I think it would be easy to replace the paper once it runs out, just remove carefully and paste new one.

    I just ordered mine.

  • kz says

    I just bought one! So excited!

  • Very nice, I just purchased a black one and a red one at!

  • Mikko Vierumäki says

    I just bought one also! Now I just have to purchase a vault to keep it safe 😉

  • Rich says

    I have a few of these available if anyone is interested?

    Beautiful notebooks!