Mercatdelgust Poster


Swiss style inspired poster by Spain based firm Bisgràfic. They sent me an explanation of the info on the poster, but I think I deleted it by accident. Oops!

They re-sent me the explanation.

“It’s all written in catalan, but I’ll explain you. It is about a market. The Taste Market is a fair where you can find every kind of foodstuff that comes from the cultivation of the earth. In the poster there is a mixture between two elements: the earth and the food. The earth is green, like the nature, the grown fields, … and the food is orange. Both things are shown with the most elementary symbol: the round, symbolizing the plate, the earth, the food.”


1 Comment on "Mercatdelgust Poster"

  • Felix says

    It says “Market of taste,”
    “Market of products of our earth, Osona”

    It is not in Spanish it is in Catalan, spoken around Barcelona
    and in a dialect of it, in Valencia.