Re-subscribe to the RSS feed

Google has been moving all the Feedburner feeds over to their servers and over the weekend I moved mine since the ping server is much faster, which gets the news to you faster. Anyway, the feed url has changed so please unsubscribe to the old feed and re-subscribe to the new one. Thanks.        

4 thoughts on “Re-subscribe to the RSS feed

  1. Re-subscribing shouldn’t be necessary. I moved my feed, and the old will auto-redirect.

  2. David, at first the chicklet wasn’t updating, it just showed 400 subscribers, that’s why I asked everything to re-subscribe, but today it seems to be up to date. Weird.

    Johno, yes it does just redirect but I wasn’t seeing the right amount of subscribers so I figured it was because everyone was subscribe to the old address. But it seems to have fixed itself.

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