Penguin on Design Series


The Penguin on Design series has been extended with four absolutely gorgeous reissued books on artists Bruno Munari, Marshall McLuhan, Susan Sontag and John Berger.

Yes Design was approached to redesign the covers for the four titles and they did an outstanding job.

I love the simple and minimal design and pure white wasn’t used in the colour palette to create an history feel. Just perfect.

Must. Get. Full. Set!

You can read more at Creative Review.        

7 Comments on "Penguin on Design Series"

  • Ric says

    This can’t be right! Surely it’s “the medium is the message” by Marshall McLuhan. Have Penguin published this as its shown here? What a disaster!

  • Ric says

    Me again,
    I’ve checked the Penguin site and apparently it is right! How confusing.

    • Antonio says

      Ric, not sure I follow. What have they changed?

  • YES says

    The book’s title is actually a mistake according to McLuhan’s son, Eric. The actual title was “The Medium is the Message” but it came back from the printer with the first “e” in message misprinted as an “a.” McLuhan is said to have thought the mistake to be supportive of the point he was trying to make in the book and decided to leave it alone. Later readings have interpreted the word in the title as a pun meaning alternately “massage”, “message”, “mass age”, or possibly “mess age”.

    source: wikipedia

  • Antonio says

    YES, thanks for the reply and the backstory. It makes it even better now.

  • Still think it’s an error, it’s a bit tedious to think that something that abstract would be put on the cover with no reader aid

    • Antonio says

      It was initially an error but then the editor decided to leave it.