Kim Høltermand Photography


I’m loving Kim Høltermand’s photography. The colors, composition and subject matter give the images a very graphic feel. Makes me want to get back into photography.

Kim is also responsible for these excellent VW tribute posters but it seems like they’ve been removed from the site.        

4 Comments on "Kim Høltermand Photography"

  • Lee says

    I think this image is just stunning. I’d love to have it enlarged and framed. Just beautiful.

  • Nikolay says

    Classic. I remember when I discovered him on Behance..I was amazed.

  • Martin says

    His work remind me a lot of Keld-Helmer Petersens pre-WW2 work. Amazing photos indeed:

  • Daniel says

    Gorgeous stuff – that picture reminds me of the cover of Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.