minimalsites.jpg is an excellent collection of sites featuring a minimal design. Just what the doctor ordered. Ironically, the site design itself isn’t all that impressive.

My personal site has just been added.        

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  • Bob says

    I love minimal simplicity also, but I definitely knew this one would really appeal to you and David (SI)…

  • Ryan says

    Fantastic thanks, I didn’t know of this site.

  • David says

    You got that right B 🙂 I’m unfortunately addicted to minimalism!

    Great post Antonio. It was only natural that I submitted SI as well 😉

  • MP says

    Lovely site, minus the ad banners. I’m all for getting revenue to maintain a site, but I think it could be executed a little better. Thanks for sharing Antonio!


  • Kara says

    I’m loving minimalist layouts lately. Thanks for the link