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  1. i was conflicted between my beloved hometown chicago cubs and my beloved senator from illinois, but in the end i watched the speech and obama hit a grand slam (so did the cubs, by the way!) incredible speech. i’m so excited, and i hope that everyone else is and that the youth vote is a record high!

    as for scott hansen. he has great work. i was shocked to hear that he works on a PC. i admit to my full-fledged mac snobbishness, and am always surprised when i see designers that i really enjoy their work working on a windows computer.

  2. This would be great if it had nothing to do with Obama! That tree is beautiful! And I don’t think it’s a big deal to work on a PC, I’ve done it forever and see absolutely NO reason to give in to the made up need to use an over-priced mac if you’re a designer. When all is said and done nobody can tell or cares what you used when they’re looking at your work. I’ve just got more money in my pocket.

  3. wait… you don’t like obama and you use a pc?

    is your favorite typeface arial?

    i don’t wanna get into a political discussion here, but do you think that the other side offers a better solution?

  4. @steven
    I’m an Apple snob as well and I also don’t understand how visual people could use a computer as ugly as a PC, in terms of both hardware and software. Actually Scott has recently purchased a Mac and loves it.

    The Cubbies are having a great season. Would love to them play my Mets in the playoffs.

    Macs are definitly not overpriced. They are top of the line well made and designed machines. They’re also in no way, shape or form more exspensive than PCs. There was a recent study done by PC World that showed that Macs are actually cheaper to comparable HPs and Dells. And let’s not talk about the OS because there is no comparison.

  5. Hey, I’m not going to disagree with you on their industrial design as an industrial designer myself, but Illustrator looks the same, Photoshop looks the same I still save my files in folders and the rest of the world uses PCs. I have yet to see a reason to ditch my PC and buy a mac AND all new software.

    I think it’s more of a ‘fitting in’ thing. If you’re in a creative field, you must use a mac, you must be democrat, you must be liberal, you must grow a beard and you must stay away from eating meat…

    oh and I prefer Helvetica over Aerial every day! And the other side isn’t the best option, but in all honesty B.O. is in no way ready or capable to run the United States…no matter how many times you can say ‘change’ in one sentence. We’ve got to be real here.

  6. “There was a recent study done by PC World that showed that Macs are actually cheaper to comparable HPs and Dells.”
    That only applies to laptops. The desktop tower I own that I built cost me $1300, and it’s top of the line. Let’s see a mac desktop pull that off… look at some other companies besides overpriced BestBuy brands. iBuyPower you can build a workhorse for half the price of a mac. The main thing I don’t understand is how some people think that designing on a mac is better than on a PC. They’re just operating systems… design is design no matter what.

  7. Steve, first off you can’t compare some no name brand to an apple. It doesn’t work like that. You have to compare big brands like HP and Dell. Frankestein PCs don’t count. Small brands like iBuyPower don’t have extensive R&D and design dedication as Apple or Dell. There’s a reason why those machines are cheaper. Also not in all instances is a Mac cheaper than an HP and Dell but the point is to show that Mac are very comparable and sometimes cheaper than similar PC brands. The notion that Macs are insanely expensive and overprice is a terrible myth that travels around in the PC world. It’s simply not true. Plus considering the far superior OS in Macs, they are a great deal.

    The idea that designing on a Mac is better than a PC stems from the fact that almost everything is better on a Mac simply because of the operating system.

  8. antonio.

    i’m glad my cubs can be of assistance in knocking off the phillies a few times in a row! but once the playoffs start, the favors will stop.

    back on topic here. i could understand this argument coming from non-designers (or people who are interested enough in design to read this blog). but i disagree that a computer is a computer is a computer. macs are intuitive, perform exceptionally and look incredible. if the way something looked did not matter to me, i probably wouldn’t be a designer. yes, illustrator and photoshop run on PC. but using your argument i could argue that what type of car you drive doesn’t matter in the least, as it should only be judged by delivering you at your destination. in actuality, the details involved in our ride to that destination are some of the most important. do you judge a meal by it’s ability to fill you up, as opposed to it’s taste? no.

    i am not saying that design will be any better on a mac, but for me… macs are a bargain, and one that doesn’t require spam/ad/virus ware.

    sorry for knocking us into the mac/pc debate.

  9. Guys, really? “Back on topic”, actually the topic was US politics but who likes to talk about that. If u can’t figure out that Mac are better, u don’t deserve to use one, end of debate.

    Scott Hansen is great, I love the colors and the vintage but modern feel of his work, its instantly recognizable.

  10. An artist using a PC? What!?!?!? Obviously as a designer I too am a Mac snob. Interestingly enough, I recently converting a hard core PC, technical user to Mac.

    His PC was on the brink of death so I allowed him to borrow an extra MacBook Pro I had lying around. In about 2 weeks, he was wanting information on buying an Apple.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use anything else. But obviously, he does great work! So, more power to him!

  11. PC is great for marketing (demographics software especially) and Mac is great for design (large cache and crashes are a rarity.) they both have their place within the spectrum. I use Dell, HP, and Mac. i use XP, Vista (gave it 3 months and got rid of it) and OS X leopard so this is a totally non-biased review.

    on the political argument… seriously we (as in the past few elections) have crap for options. Is one really any better than the other? and honestly how much of what they preach will they accomplish?

    As for Scott. Incredibly talented and has a brilliant sense of style. his work is always original and he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table with every design he composes.

  12. I have to agree that Macs are great and if I could afford to buy a new one I would…
    However, I have to work with what I have got and thats a PC.
    Surely its the work that you produce that counts?

  13. yes the work that you produce is what counts. If you could achieve something in half the time then you could go even further within your deadlines. For the past two years i have worked on PC at work (they gave me no option) and have stuck to Mac for freelancing. PC has massive crashing issues. After using only Microsoft office and Adobe CS3 on PC for 2 years i have experienced 1000’s of errors on 4 different extremely high end PC’s (over $3000 machines.) I have yet to experience one crash on my macpro or my macbook pro, which are both baseline models with 2 gig of ramm and smoked the above mentioned PC’s which had 4gig… its all about the cache size and a smooth OS that gives you no errors.

    YES they may seem expensive… BUT if you take design SERIOUSLY as a career you shouldn’t be trying to run CS3 on a best buy purchased Emachine PC.

  14. We all have our opinions, but I’m just speaking from experience and have not had any serious crashes or errors in anything that would persuade me to switch to mac. Back in school a couple of classes were on a mac and the stupid thing crashed/froze literally every single day and that’s not an exaggeration. I think we believe what we want to believe. The designer makes the design, not the computer. Can anyone tell if this beautiful Scott Hansen poster was designed on a mac or pc, no.

  15. Stuf, no one is saying that a Mac will make you create better designs. Not sure where you’re getting that from. What a Mac will do is make the design process more streamlined and reliable.

    Anyway, it doesn’t really matter what you work on, it’s all personally taste. I prefer a more stable and well designed machine. 🙂

  16. Mac revolves closely with design industry. Not because mac looks cooler and it makes design better – that’s really bullocks!

    Mac was the only choice make available to designer who were interested in digital format back in the old days, 80s. And it stay with design and becomes the industry standard.

    Even when a designer is keen to try out pc, he/she will definitely encounter some issue. Just take font for example (set aside open type), mac fonts are not compatible on pc, vice verse. Bare in mind, when we purchase fonts, foundry only supplied you either PC or mac forma and not both. Again other useful application like art directors toolkit (PC’s version is back-dated not par with mac’s version) and management applicaitons which are not available on pc.

    Even schools teach design with mac, like i mention above – it’s the industry standards. Like everyone is using CS3 for design work.

    I still use mac and pc frequently. I definitely can work on both machine but given the choice, I will definitely go for mac.

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