Dave posted a gallery of his Icographic Magazine collection. Icographic was founded by John Halas in 1971. It was designed and edited by Patrick Wallis Burke and focused on visual communication. Excellent collection. I have to get my hands on some of them.        

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  • Very very nice. Todays designers of Grafik Magazine could learn a thing or two from this. Post some info if you can get hold of a copy.

  • Antonio says

    I sure will.

  • Patrick Wallis Burke says

    Fascinated to see my ancient magazine featured in your
    extremely smart young journal.
    If only I could have possessed an iMac in those far off days!
    Incidentally, I still have a few back issues of icographic,
    if you are interested.

    Best wishes,

    Patrick Wallis Burke

  • Antonio says

    Wow, the man himself! I feel honored that you’ve decided to comment on this little site. Excellent work on Icographic. Very inspiring Patrick.

    If you have some back issues I’d love to take them off your hands! Thank you for the kind offer. How should I send you my information?

  • Patrick Wallis Burke says

    Dear Antonio,

    email me on [email protected] or
    write to me at 21 Liverpool Lawn, Ramsgate
    Kent CT119HJ

  • Antonio says

    Patrick is that the full email address cause it’s getting bounced back.

  • I love this collection of photos, they have inspired me so much throughout my degree, are there any other issues still available?

  • Antonio says

    James, Patrick actually set me a bunch. I’m going to photography them in detail and post them up soon. Stay tuned.