Elephant Paints Self Portrait

This has nothing to do with graphic design but I had to write about this. What this elephant does is simply amazing. I have no idea how this is possible. Could it be fake???        

7 Comments on "Elephant Paints Self Portrait"

  • Leah says


  • It is real.
    Saw it in Thailand in an elephant show. It is amazing but people say that the elephants are being tortured in order to achieve such a discipline.

  • David says

    They are torured at a young age in order to perform tricks etc. The mother is often killed in order to break the mother-child bond elephants are said to share. Whilst Im not the animal rights type, I think that its wrong to torture elephants for the sake of tourism. Design is definitely a good way to discuss issues like this.

  • Antonio says

    That’s terrible. I didn’t know that.

  • Joey says

    That was awesome. But now I feel terrible knowing what goes on behind the scenes. Poor elephants.

  • PZ says

    People are are still profiting from these elephants with this “not for profit” website…..


  • I’m assuming they are continuously trained, day by day, to draw the exact same thing, it’s probably not even cognitive.