Well, today I am 29 years old. Damn I’m getting old. This sucks. Birthdays are so much better when you’re a kid. I remember being so exiting on my birthday, the anticipation of getting gifts. Now, I forget that it’s even my birthday. Growing up sucks.

I’m going to take the day off and try to enjoy it. Until tomorrow…


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  1. All the best mate.
    I wish a lot of success!

    p.s. the image is not that good in lettering space. You can do more!

  2. Thanks guys. Yeah the letter spacing is terrible but I rushed it and I’m lazy today so it is what it is. I just opened up PS and typed it.

  3. Yeah, I definitely hear you. Getting old is double sided blade. On one hand you gain experience and get better every day you’re alive. On the other hand, you increasingly loose touch with the youth culture you were a part of. I’m roughly the same age as you (26) and am still an undergrad! (Design majorβ€”I took a non-conventional educational path) So breathe easy my friend. Have a great day!

  4. And another thing, Did the letterspacing comment really need to be posted for public viewing? On Antonio’s B-Day?? Send an email. Have a heart.

  5. People in their 20’s moaning about getting old? ..Hmmm. Just you wait.
    (Happy Birthday)

  6. Happy Birthday Antonio,
    hope you have a good one:)
    In case you were wondering, the flyer’s will be sent to you shortly



  7. Yeah it sucks to get older when the anticipation of getting gifts is gone. Luckily you can get your own gifts instead, like rare design books πŸ˜‰ Happy b-day and keep the posts coming!

  8. Congrats!

    By the by, a quick typographic note. In large sized type, such as here, it’s sometimes better to use non-uniform leading when the ascenders and descenders require it.
    In other words it would look better if you pulled the “to me” line up a little. Now it looks a little separate from the rest.

  9. Hi Antonio,

    I can’t remember how I found your blog but I do enjoy visiting when I get bored with my own design projects. It was also my birthday on St Paddy’s Day so nice to know another designer with the same bday… although I turned 37 so consider yourself young and carefree. Have a good one and keep up the good work. cheers.

  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words.

    Bender, yeah I’m aware of that spacing and again I was just being lazy. It was a 2 second thing I threw up.

  11. Well Well Well, isn’t that amazing. I have been on this site for about two weeks now, and love your site. Any who, I’m going thue the post, and see 3.17, and I’m like ” HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME” ??? I didn’t write that, and I thought “it’s not my site, but that is my birthday”. Happy belated birthday, we have the same birthday.

    It’s okay to get old, gifts come in different formats then wrapped all up, for example on “Our” birthday, I met somebody else in Brazil who’s birthday is 3-17, and ended up staying with her for the rest of my trip.

    The kicker is, that I have twin brothers, and I found out she has twin daughters, and the other people who birth day is 3-17 are twins.

    Freaky right,

    No. Magical.

    Now I know why I like this site so much.

    Enjoy 3.17.82

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