7 thoughts on “Geometry Of The Mint Logo

  1. Jam, definitely right about that. I think the leaf logo has been used so much but it’s nice to see that at least this leaf has a smart structure to it.

  2. “problem is, in the end its still another tiresome leaf logo.”

    To be fair, this is a three year old logo (not that there weren’t leaf logos back then, they just weren’t as prominent in web apps).

  3. If this design is so brilliant … then why is the circle that’s 3 times the size of the first placed pretty much randomly in the space? There’s absolutely no relation to the other two circles when it comes to it’s location. Its centre seems to be a random pint on the second circle, but still, no reason why it should be at that angle. That’s not clever, that’s sloppily juggling about 3 circles.

  4. None of the circles are randomly places. You need to look it over again. The largest circle intersects with the top left corner of the square and with the 2x circle and the right side of the square. It’s pretty clear to me.

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