FFFFoundRSS Plugin For WordPress


For all you WordPress and FFFFound users out there, here’s a sweet little plugin called FFFFoundRSS. I had an idea for a plugin that would pull in your personal feed from FFFFound and display it on your blog. Since I have no idea how to create WordPress plugins I started to search for someone who could. That’s how I found Dave Kellam, who’s created a similar plugin for flickr and has done an excellent job with the FFFFound plugin. It’s easy to install via a widget or a php include and it has some nice features like image caching. Go to Dave’s site to download and get more info.

You can see the plugin in action in the sidebar to the left.        

11 Comments on "FFFFoundRSS Plugin For WordPress"

  • Blaze says

    Great! Now all I need is an invite to FFFFound.. Anyone?

  • SWEET !!

  • mark says

    Do they actually let their users give out invites or is it just a big joke on all us poor people that have to get reduced to begging for ffffound invites on random blog posts like this?

  • Antonio says

    They actually do. I have 1 left. Who wants to fight for it? I was actually thinking of doing a little contest and the winner gets the invite.

  • mark says


  • mark says

    Come on, I’ll do ANYTHING!!!

  • jessie says

    I’m interested too… in the plug-in, and the contest. Been using wordpress for a while, but ffffound’s a difficult party to crash.

  • Antonio says

    Mark, shoot me an email.

  • Blaze says

    Ah snap! I should start tracking my comments.. Does anyone else have an invite?

  • Hi! Im a great fun of aisleone and ffffound…i would be soo grateful if somebody had a spare one for ffffound… i could even return it back to you once i have my free one! thx!

    [email protected]

  • it’s been a few years, but where exactly do i have to paste the string of code? the places i tried messed things up badly…