NetNewsWire Style

NetNewsWire Style

Recently I’ve started using a great RSS reader called NetNewsWire that makes managing and reading my 50+ feeds much easier and efficient. The one problem I have with it are the styles that are bundled with the app. Some of them are nice but most of them are hard to look at. They also all use pretty the same boring layout. Title, feed info, content, all in a row. So I figured I’d try to make one and see how it comes out and I can honestly say that I like it. I used a grid system to design it so it has a nice structure.

The one issue with it though is that it breaks if there are multiple images in the feed. Works great when there is one image or no image but once there are multiple, they all lay on top of each other so you only see the first image. To fixed this I made a second style titled AisleOne Multiple that alters the layout a bit to compensate for this problem. So you set your style to AisleOne Single and when you get an article with multiple images you change it to AisleOne Multiple. It’s a terrible solution and I’m going to continue working on it. I need to figure out a way for the CSS to see that there are multiple images in the feed and set a different style in that instance. If anyone has any ideas on this, please let me know. Also if you have any issues with the styles just post a comment and I’ll try and fix it.

I’ve only tested it in the new 3.0 version. To install just double click the files.

Download NNW Styles        

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  • I’m a personal fan of the Lucida Complete style. Clean, easy to look at, and doesn’t have a lot of garish visual trash floating around. Citizen Kubrick is another great one, with a unique feel to it.

    Also, I’ve been using the NetNewsWire beta builds for some time now: even with my 258 feeds, they’ve been fine day to day, and Brent is continually adding features and tweaking the way the app works.

  • Antonio says

    Christopher, thanks for the links. I tried to download them but the site seems to be down. I will try again later.

    I’m also using the latest beta builds and I love them. Very stable.

  • i made a style you might want to look at, also focusing on readability and cleanliness of design.

  • Antonio says

    Chris thanks for the link!