Apple sued over iPod storage capacity

This is just getting to be ridiculous. Montreal law student David Bitton is suing Apple because the company’s 8GB iPod nano offers 7.45GB of actual storage capacity, rather than the full 8GB as advertised. Everyone knows that you never get the absolute full capacity of a hard drive, whether it’s a laptop or an iPod. Someone needs to end these ridiculous suits against Apple. Wake up people!!!

Bitton, you suck!        

3 thoughts on “Apple sued over iPod storage capacity

  1. I think David Bitton and Dongmei Li should get married and spend the rest of their lives dreaming up stupid lawsuits, and having pipe dream babies of grandeur.

  2. How did this even get picked up? Apple states that the actual formatted capacity of its hard drives may be less…

    The Hostile Monkey is displeased.

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