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So I’ve decide to just use an existing theme and customize it for myself. The current theme is based on the beautiful Modicus by Robert Ellis from Upstart Blogger who has designed some great themes for WP. I wanted a more clean, simplified look and I think this works well. Let me know what you guys think and if you experience any issues.        

16 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. Eeeesh. I’ve go to say, this theme is sort of cluttered and really busy. So many lines and it’s really hard to figure out where stuff is. All the links and bold and everything distracts far too much. I really liked the old one.

  2. Well ya can’t please everyone! Not sure how copy and lines organized in three columns can be cluttered but ok. Personally it all flows well for me. Coming from the old theme, which was very very basic, it can seem a bit much but you have to get use to it like any type of change.

  3. Personally preferred the simplicity of the previous one. Agree that it’s not as clear, plus you are forcing a 1024 layout for the sake of a small column to contain a small amount of content.

    Sorry to be negative.

  4. Overall very nice, i’d perhaps suggest balancing the two sidebars a bit more width wise and maybe taking the misc section from the first sidebar and putting into the second.

  5. I like the look. I’d be interested to hear why you decided against making your own theme; and if you wanted to throw in some gems about how you approached modifying an existing theme, I’d be down with that too.

  6. The problem I have is the large pink text — it’s a size and a weight that makes me think it’s the title or something. It’s also hard to look at text that color for a long time. The multiple next/previous links are confusing — a single one would be better. There’s also a lot capital and bold letters on the page, which are distracting from the content itself.

  7. Matthew, I basically abandoned the idea of creating my own theme from scratch for two reasons, time and laziness. Maybe one day I will do it but I found this theme and I really liked it and with a few changes I made it my own. As for modifying existing themes it’s not all that difficult. The biggest pain is figuring out what each line of code in the stylesheet controls and how the overall structure of the theme works. Once you have that down it’s pretty simple.

  8. I miss seeing the prominent logo…but i like your logo update w/ cobalt blue

    Now I sound like my clients…

    Change is good.

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