Not sure who created this or what it’s all about but I found this great piece while surfing ffffound.com. If anyone has any info on this please let me know.


Stephen Coles has pointed out that this is a typeface by Anderson Maschio called Chumbitos.        

4 Comments on "FFFFound"

  • Anders says

    You should be able to follow the original website adress if you click on.. I can see that you have saved it to your own server, but try finding it again and checking the original source of the image.

    Looks like it could be Neubau

  • Antonio says

    Anders, I did that but it just lead me to the jpg source file on Flickr with no reference to which Flickr profile it belonged to.

  • Thus the serious problem with FFFFound. There’s no way to see the image in context on the source page, as you would with Google Images. I think it’s actually a bit unethical to pull images from the web without this context.

    In any case, this is Chumbitos by Anderson Maschio.

  • Antonio says

    Stephen, awesome! Thanks for the info on the artist. And I agree about FFFFound. It’s a great resource but it would be even better if it linked directly to the source page.