Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboar

Everyone is focused on the new iMac’s, which are wonderful, but I’m drooling over the new keyboards that Apple has released. The design is so simple but at the same time beautiful and I love the materials used. One thing I don’t like is that the wireless one is a compacted version. I wish they made it a full keyboard.


2 thoughts on “Apple Keyboard

  1. I agree. there’s really no reason for the wireless version to be smaller. i understand the thought process, with people wanting to put them on their laps, but you still need the numpad!

  2. I think the wireless one being smaller is genius.There is no point using a wireless keyboard like a normal one because macs are so tidy with cables anyway.Therefore the only gap for a wireless keyboard is when you move it around alot. However I NEVER use the numpad

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