Coke Packaging


Coke has updated all the packaging on their classic products. No more lame bubbles and crazy lines. Just a simple, elegant design that I personally love. Good job Coke!        

5 thoughts on “Coke Packaging

  1. MIke you are probably right. The average Joe who has no sense of design will probably complain or some suit at Coke will realize that to sell more cans the graphic needs to imitate some played-out design trend. Maybe some photoshop lens flares. It’s kind of like the full Flash MTV site that was up a few months ago. It wasn’t perfect but I respected MTV for pushing the technology and creating a content heavy site all in Flash. A lot of people didn’t get it and complained about load times and what not so MTV buckled and replaced it with a terrible HTML site.

    Let’s hope it lasts. I’m actually surprised that the suits at Coke approved this.

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