Got My iPhone!

My iPhone

Well I finally have my hands on one and I can tell you with a straight face that it is the single most amazing “gadget” I’ve ever experienced. The iPhone is as amazing as it seems in the commercials. The screen is superb. Web browsing is on a whole new level. This is how the internet should be on a phone. What makes this phone revolutionary is that it runs on OS X and not some half-assed OS that is slow and isn’t user friendly. OS X makes using this phone extremely simple and fun.

I haven’t used it for long but there are some flaws I see already. One major one is that there is no real way to mark all your emails read or unread and there is no way to delete more than one email at a time. I set up my account and I had 50 messages that I already read on my laptop but were showing up as new in the phone. It was a pain to have to delete them one by one but what was really odd was that it kept checking the mail as I deleted and it kept filling up my inbox as I deleted. I hope we get more options here in the future.

The keyboard also takes some time to get use to but once you do it feels great.

Anyway that’s it for now, I’m going to go play with it some more.

Go get one, it’s worth every penny!        

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