Prada Marfa

I came across this site this morning and found it to be very interesting. Local artists have built a mini Prada boutique on an isolated road in western Texas which acts more like a scuplture than an actual retail store. Apparently the door is sealed. Very interesting marketing idea and I love the contrast between the modern design of the building and the high-fashion of the shoes against the rural uncivilized landscape. Not sure how much of a positive affect this will have on their brand since no one passes down that road. Very interesting and creepy at the same time.

Prada Marfa        

4 Comments on "Prada Marfa"

  • alfie says

    really creepy

  • Banana Joe says

    How is this creepy? It’s a building in a desert.
    The point of it is not to “have a positive effect on the brand” Prada–the did not build it or sponsor it. It is also not a “marketing idea”.
    It’s an ART PROJECT.

  • Linn says

    Beautiful. I just Love it.

  • that’s really cool !