The Practice Sessions


The Practice Sessions is a workshop and panel discussion by Frank Chimero, Duane King, Matt Owens and myself that’s taking place at the National Student Show & Conference from April 2 – 4 in Dallas, Texas. The Practice Sessions was created by Thinking for a Living, an ever-growing platform dedicated to the concept of open source design education. Through a network of topic specific design sites with a focus on education and resources, we share our thoughts, inspirations, critical analysis, design histories and individual experiences relating to a career in design.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you talented students out there. If you’re an AisleOne reader and attending the conference, definitely come by and say hi.        

Ringling College Admissions Catalog


This is probably the most beautiful college admissions catalogue I’ve ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous. It was designed by Lucas Human, Phil Clark, and Jenn Levreault during their senior year. The three traveled to Bologna, Italy to oversee the press check at Zincographica. You can request a free copy at