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Press 1

Press 1 is a brochure featuring recent work printed by Team Impression. Printed on GF Smith Colourplan Yellow Sorbet 135gsm, Press 1 features work by Design Project, Spin, Saturday, Six and Made Thought.

I wish there were more detailed shots of the brochure but I checked the TI site and didn’t find any reference to it. I’d love to get a copy it as well.

UPDATE: I was sent some hi-res images from the guys at Six, so I’ll be posting them tomorrow.

Via Six        



I usually try not to write about work that’s already been posted on other design blogs, but every now and then I there’s a gem that has to be written about.

Like this gorgeous promotional postcard designed by Rich Lyons and Toby Evans of the UK. Substance/08 is a showcase website for a select group of final year students at the University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham, Surrey. Printed using 2-colour litho (black and fluoro green) on GFSmith 350gsm Pistachio Colorplan.        

Helvetica Paper


Interesting little project by 20 year old designer Kasper Ledet of a hand made type based on Helvetica. Kasper printed a pattern on sticker sheets and cut out the letters with a scalpel. Very nice.

Via TypeNeu        



Excellent branding and print work but this London based studio formed by Simon Dixon and Aporva Baxi.        

Trip Print Press


Trip Print Press is a printer in Canada that prints with a letterpress. They do excellent work but it seems like they don’t have Helvetica in their type collection which is very unfortunate. Check out their Flickr page for more behind the scene photos.