Neubau Modul

Neubau Modul

Neubau has just recently this excellent limited edition book called Neubau Modul which contains a catalog of royalty free patterns that are included on a DVD in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator formats. The book also comes with a copy of their typeface, NB7050.

Neubau Modul (Electronic & Analogue Patterns), signed & personalised
Numbered Edition of 1st edition 2007 – (limited 100 PCS)

1xNB7050™ (Bonus Typeface)
1xDVD including 2031 NB-Patterns (Royalty Free!)
Compatible with Macintosh & Windows, Adobe CS™ & NeubauWelt™

Neubau Modul is a practical tool that provides designers with over 2,000 editable and infinitely repeatable patterns. As with Neubau Welt, all of the work shown in this book can also be found as Adobe Illustrator and bitmap files on an included DVD that can be used on any platform. The DVD also contains the entire digital collection of patterns as a practical Swatch Library, enabling designers to immediately put them to use in any project in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Kat.Nr.: NBM-S, signed
Offset Print, full colour, signed and numbered edition, 1/2007

Format: 240x280MM
Pages: 304 PP + DVD
Colours: Panotne 804, Pantone 805, Pantone 810, Pantone 812,
Pantone 814, Pantone Black
Quantity: 100 PCS
Availability: positive