Limited Edition 2012 New York City Subway Diagram

2012 MTA New York City Subway Diagram

2012 MTA New York City Subway Diagram

2012 MTA New York City Subway Diagram

SuperWarmRed Designs, founded by former Vignelli Associates Beatriz Cifuentes and Yoshiki Waterhouse, is offering limited-edition signed and unsigned 36” x 45” posters of the MTA New York City Subway Diagram, designed in 2012 by Massimo Vignelli, Beatriz, and Yoshiki for the MTA’s Weekender website and app.

The 2012 version is based on Vignelli’s iconic 1972 subway map, but it’s been updated based on satellite data, and improved for better legibility. The poster is printed in Pantone and Hexachrome inks on acid-free archival cover-weight paper.

SuperWarmRed Designs will also be releasing a series of six posters designed by Vignelli Associates, that feature tight crops of the New York City Subway Diagram. The set will be printed in Pantone inks on acid-free archival cover-weight paper and will be sold as a set. Look for this series soon.

I really love the detail series. Hoping the set will be reasonably priced.

Massimo Vignelli Updates His NYC Subway Design


Massimo Vignelli has updated his classic and beautiful 1972 NYC Subway Map design for 2008. I own an original and personally I think the original design is much better. The colors were a lot more interesting. This version seems to have the more boring colors we see today.

Vignelli is selling the 2008 version through Men’s Vogue as a limited edition of 500, all signed by Massimo for $299. The size is 36″ x 45″ and printed on 80# Mohawk Superfine, Ultrawhite Eggshell.

Proceeds will benefit Green Worker Cooperatives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating worker-owned and environmentally sound cooperatives in the South Bronx.