Neubauism Exposition Catalogue


Neubau is releasing a limited edition boxset for their Neubauism exhibition. The boxset includes some books, dvd, poster, text and signature by Wim Crouwel and more! The packaging design looks very yummy but I’m not sure how much it’s going to be. You can preorder it by visiting

NBISM-Premium Box [limited to 100 copies]
Signed by Spaninks/Crouwel/Gandl/Gruenberger
Texts by Wim Crouwel/Gerrit Terstiege/Angelique Spaninks & Paul Heys
Includes.: 608 pgs/1 CDR/1 DVD/1 Poster (560 x 1000 MM)/1 NBModulmeter ™
Size: 240x280x85 MM
Weight: 4,35 KG