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Category “Grid Systems”

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Whitney Museum Graphic Identity

Whitney Identity

Whitney Identity

Whitney Identity

Whitney Identity

Whitney Identity

Whitney Identity

Exper­i­men­tal Jet­set recently launched a new web­site with a ton of amaz­ing new work. One of the projects that stands out for me is the iden­tity work they did for the Whit­ney Museum of Amer­i­can Art in NYC. EJ devel­oped the graphic iden­tity, and Whitney’s in-house design team used the sys­tem to design all the pieces.

I’m going to have to visit the museum and grab as much printed stuff as I can. Looks stunning.

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chicago convention capital

chicago has a great lake

chicago the town that van der rohe built

Flatmade’s story begins with a poster was cre­ated by John Massey for Con­tainer Cor­po­ra­tion of Amer­ica titled “chicago has a great lake”. They fell in love with the poster, and con­tacted Mr. Massey to print a new edi­tion of it, and he agreed. They now are pro­duc­ing other clas­sic mas­ter­pieces, which you can pur­chase directly from them. I’ll take one of each, please.

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Olivetti Poster

Olivetti Poster

Beau­ti­fully per­fect poster designed by Ernst Hie­s­tand 1961.

Via Iain Claridge

Massimo Vignelli Makes Books

In this video cre­ated by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Aron Fay for Mohawk, Mas­simo Vignelli dis­cusses his process of design­ing a book using a grid sys­tem. He draws out each page on paper, includ­ing the pho­tos. To me this seems so inef­fi­cient, but it works for him. It’s so fas­ci­nat­ing to get a glimps into his design process.

Along with the video a small lim­ited edi­tion jour­nal with Vignelli’s grid from the film is printed on 100 inte­rior pages made of Mohawk Superfine. You can get a copy of the jour­nal from Mohawk. Got me one!

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The grid is an inte­gral part of book design. It’s not some­thing that you see. It’s just like under­wear: you wear it, but it’s not to be exposed. The grid is the under­wear of the book.

– Massimo Vignelli

Mirsad Ademaj



Some tight work by Mir­sad Ade­maj.

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AGI Open London


AGI Open is a design and edu­ca­tion con­fer­ence fea­tur­ing over 30 of the world’s lead­ing graphic design­ers – all mem­bers of the Alliance Graphique Inter­na­tionale (AGI). This year the event is in Lon­don, so if you’re in the area, def­i­nitely check it out.

But what I want to men­tion here is their awe­some Tum­blr, which fea­tures some great work from leg­ends like Müller-Brockmann, Crouwel, Hof­mann, Harder, Kramer, and a ton more. I can stare at this site all day long.

Via Blair Thomson

Shin Dokho



Excel­lent work from Korean designer, Shin Dokho.

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Richard Meier x Massimo Vignelli

John­nie Shand Kydd directed this beau­ti­ful short film of design leg­ends Richard Meier and Mas­simo Vignelli. They dis­cuss grids, Meier’s new office space, and their long friend­ship. Would have loved for this to have been much longer, and to get into more of a design dis­cus­sion, but this will do. More here.

Pierre Bayle Foundation Identity


Almost Mod­ern was com­mis­sioned by The Pierre Bayle Foun­da­tion to design a new iden­tity sys­tem. They’re still work­ing on it, but what they’ve done so far looks fan­tas­tic. Be sure to look at AM’s full port­fo­lio. Their work is excellent.

NYC Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual


I’ve been try­ing to get my hands on a copy of the NYC Tran­sit Author­ity Graph­ics Stan­dards Man­ual for years now with no luck. I came very close last year when I was bid­ding on an eBay auc­tion for a copy, but I lost it. I still regret not bid­ding higher.

Seems like these folks have bet­ter luck, because they hap­pened to find a first edi­tion copy in a locker beneath some old gym clothes at Pentagram’s NY office. Are you kid­ding me? Nope. Lucky bas­tards. They pho­tographed every page and put high-res pho­tos up on a site for us all to drool over. Enjoy.

MacDonald Educational Covers



No, not the Micky D’s that makes the deli­cious, but unhealthy Big Mac. These cov­ers were from the Mac­Don­ald Edu­ca­tional Ltd of Lon­don and were pub­lished for the Schools Coun­cil from 1972 – 1973. Lovely. You can see the full set over at Wanken.