[Sponsor] Wallpapered


Does your home need brightening up with something new and fresh? How about your own custom designed striped wallpaper? Our striped wallpaper isn’t like any ordinary striped wallpaper designs, it can be custom made to suit your preference. You will be able to choose your own specific colours with any stripe design you would like to create your own unique custom striped wallpaper.

A classic design, striped wallpaper would fit in well in any room and would match any interior, from your kitchen to an office. You will be able to pick any colours, pattern or sequence, so your personal striped wallpaper will be one of a kind, custom to you.

From soft, sophisticated stripes for your living room to fun, bold and bright designs for your child’s bedroom, we will be able to create your perfect Custom Striped Wallpaper. Please visit our website.

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