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Most books on code are visu­ally bor­ing, but HTML & CSS designed by Jon Duck­ett makes the read­ing expe­ri­ence much more inter­est­ing and fun. I haven’t read the book, but I’d guess that the good design will help with the learn­ing experience.

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  • Linda says

    I’m a brand spankin new­comer to the HTML and CSS world, so I’m all for books that make learn­ing eas­ier. Thanks for tweet­ing on this. The image “A Closer Look at Tags” is excel­lent but I have to look a lit­tle fur­ther. I know just enough code to get myself into trou­ble, which means my pages won’t val­i­date and I can’t fig­ure out why!

  • I ordered this book for my girl­friend, and it’ll get to her in a week or so. She’s been want­ing to under­stand what I do for a liv­ing, haha (I also bought her the book so I can look through it too).

  • A great exam­ple of design inform­ing deliv­ery of con­tent — the con­tex­tu­al­i­sa­tion and focus on indi­vid­ual ele­ments help this stand out as a learn­ing tool.