Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

Graphic Design for Non-profit Organizations

AisleOne reader, Sean Wol­cott, wrote in to tell me that Mas­simo Vignelli has given him per­mis­sion to dis­trib­ute a high-res PDF of his book, Graphic Design for Non-profit Orga­ni­za­tions. This rare book is by Vignelli and Peter Laun­dry, and was pub­lished in 1980 in part­ner­ship with AIGA. The book focuses on design and best prac­tices for non-profit orga­ni­za­tions, but the con­tent is a great resource in gen­eral and the teach­ings can be applied pretty much any­where. There are sec­tions on grids, typog­ra­phy, for­mats, logo­types, and color, just to name a few.

A big thank you to Mas­simo and Sean for mak­ing this valu­able resource avail­able to all.

You can down­load the PDF from here.

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  • David M says


  • Dean says

    Thank you Mas­simo! A lovely gesture.

  • Rob says

    Woa! Thanks Sean, Mas­simo & Anto­nio! Lovely stuff

  • zuko says

    Awe­some, many thanks all. :)

  • Wow thanks for shar­ing Mas­simo and Sean! I have been a fan of Vignelli and Peter Laun­dry, this will be a good prepa­ra­tion for the a non profit organ­i­sa­tion site which I will be start­ing to work on.

  • Merve says

    Thank you for shar­ing, and also mak­ing this book in the first place Mr. Vignelli.