14 thoughts on “USA Today Redesign

  1. Don’t like it. Talk about phoning it in! They used the simplest font, the simplest graphic element and tied it together with a color scheme (which could have been done with practically any logo). OOOOHHHHH!!! AAAAHHHHHHH!!! A middle-school kid with absolutely no art background would have come up with the same thing on the first try. LAME!!!! What were the ideas that were thrown out?!? The square? The triangle? As a graphic designer, it reminds me of what happens when a client who has no training designs their own webpage or ad or logo. Hope they didn’t pay too much for it. Well at least I can now tell all my clients who are looking for a circle as their logo that it is now copyrighted. Maybe I can sell them on the square?!

  2. This reminds me of the simplistic carton design Tropicana came up with a few years back (who subsequently received a lot of harsh feedback). Very “Pleasantville”-like in that it is also very simplistic.

    I personally like it. As a graphic/web designer, I’ve seen phases where people were all about grunge and textures, then all about minimalist designs (I admit, I indulged a bit in both). In the end, the focus should be on whatever content is being provided. If a super simplistic logo/mark aides in that, I have no problem with it.

    Microsoft has already gone in this direction…I’m looking forward to see who else undergoes a radical design change.

  3. It definitely stands out. I kinda have a love / hate feeling about it. I feel like this is another case of “DC comics” where the mark was underwhelming, but the extension of the branding really brought it to life.

    Either way, refreshing to see company as big as USA Today to have the cojones to go this direction. Can’t help to wonder how the approval process was like. This couldn’t have been a large committee effort.

  4. Unfortunately, it’s also unreadable. It’s a newspaper, folks, and poor typography has rendered the effort a failure. It longer functions as a news delivery system. Or, maybe that’s the point: perhaps the mess is intended to drive us all to digital media so they can stop printing those inefficient hard copies?

  5. I do not like it at all. It looks cheap. The text is very light and difficult to read, the font looks elementary, the margins appear too big. It reminds me of a cheap local paper. I used to read USA Today cover to cover, but now I am not even bothering to purchase it. GO BACK!

  6. They should work more on US Today iOS application UI design , their competitor have great UI that are simple and intuitive.

  7. Yes, it is redesigned after a long time and it looks good than before. It is very attractive and makes people easy to go through the well designed navigation to their favorite topics.

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