Polaroid Branding

Polaroid Branding

In 1958, Polaroid hired graphic designer Paul Giambarba to help them develop a new visual brand that would sep­a­rate them from Kodak. What Paul designed was a sim­ple, beau­ti­ful and unique visual lan­guage. At its core was a color bar sys­tem and sans-serif type­face that is still rec­og­niz­able today. The type­face used in the brand­ing is News Gothic, by Mor­ris Fuller Ben­ton.

To my enjoy­ment, Paul has blog where he’s writ­ten about the brand­ing and gives a lit­tle insight on what went into devel­op­ing this brand. This info is pure gold, and hope­fully it remains avail­able for a long time.

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  • The first image looks lovely.

  • Thank you, Anto­nio, for includ­ing me among the more accom­plished design­ers you’ve featured.

  • My plea­sure, Paul. Thank you for cre­at­ing such great work.

  • Sur­pris­ingly con­tem­po­rary, as it hap­pens. Apart from the actual prod­ucts, it’s scary how quickly Polaroid dis­ap­peared as a major brand. I see that they pro­duce mobile phones. Good luck with that.

  • 1958 was the year my mother was born, but even so, these designs would still work today — impressive.

    Awe­some piece of work by Giambarba to help cat­a­pult “Polaroid” into our minds. I believe most of todays top brands would even envy Polaroid that sort of graph­i­cal branding! :)

  • Hello Anto­nio,
    For my very first com­ment on your blog I’d like to thank you a lot for shar­ing this project and infos. As Michael and Peter said already, all of these pieces are def­i­nitely contemporary…It’s a lesson !

    Happy christ­mas to you folks

  • Chandu says

    Greate Work Greate people