Thank You, Steve.


I feel lucky to have witnessed his brilliance.

7 Comments on "Thank You, Steve."

  • Matt says

    You delete your comments?
    Jesus. Grow up.

    • Yes, I do delete asinine comments.

  • marek says

    he died?!

  • Nothing is more disturbing than a post like this with no information.

    Did he die? Did he create and share the picture? Did he take your garbage out? Way too many options for a minimalist like me…

    • Disturbing? Really? I can think of more disturbing things. No additional information is needed since the news of him resigning has been mentioned everywhere. It was just a simple thank you from me.

  • Cesar says

    I agree with Antonio.
    Many people celebrate today the result of his position as CEO of Apple.
    Why not give a simple thank to his remarkable work? At least for me, the result of his work allows me to enjoy mine so much more. I am very grateful too.

  • Gabriel says

    I agree also. He is one of the most influential people alive. Pretty amazing run, in my opinion.