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Hand written letter project crouwel

Here’s a great little project by the talented Craig Oldham. Hand Written Letter Project was started in 2007, and is a collection of hand written letters by some well-regarded designers on their own stationery. Some of the invited designers include Michael Bierut, Steven Heller, Tony Brook, Milton Glaser, and my favorite of the collection, Wim Crouwel.

The collection will be released in a limited edition book that will accompany a traveling exhibition, both of which will be raising funds for the National Literacy Trust.

Great idea and cause.

2 thoughts on “Hand Written Letter Project

    S i r ,
    It is a pleasure for me to mention that 23rd:January
    is a very remarkable day for all of us, specially in the field of
    communications. PEN MANSHIP and Good HANDWRITING really adds a more
    personal and more persuasive touch as well as intimacy to a letter.
    Though computer & E.mail play an important role, but nothing will ever
    replace the effection and sincerity of HANDWRITTEN words.
    To mark this important day and to re-explore the
    real power & purity of HANDWRITING please contribute your mini share
    in the “National Handwriting Day’s Celebrations” by allowing a very
    small share,from your official Typed Mailings to Personal Handwritten
    Mailings. Really this will be a great job towards the restoration of
    present declining condition of real handwritten letters, notes, cards
    and envelopes etc.
    I am an experienced Pen Master/handwriter.Providing
    quality service and delivering excellent handwriting is my core
    business. To add myself in this Celebrations,it will be a pleasure
    for me to handwrite first five letter or notes from your side as a
    SAMPLE / TRIAL, Penmanship without any charges.
    I am confident that I will be able to do your
    penmanship job with perfection and accuracy according to your
    instructions. I will be extreamly greatful if you please consider
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  2. Few feelings beat the excitement of receiving a hand-written letter in the mail. In a time where we’re so used to the printed word, letters that have been written by hand show almost-forgotten thought and effort. They capture our interest and our imagination, and they make us feel special.

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