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About a year ago, I was asked by Designers Against Human Rights Abuse (DAHRA) to participate in a project called Memories, which is raising money for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres. Cancer has deeply affected my life, taking both of my parents at a young age, so it was a real honor for me to be a part of this.

The ultimate outcome of the project is a book that tells ten stories of individuals who have survived cancer, as well as those of people who have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. Artists, illustrators and designers were invited to create their own visual response to the “memories”, and I was fortunate enough to have been included in this wonderful project. Proceeds from the book will be donated to Maggie’s.

The piece I did can be seen in the last image to the left. Here’s a larger version of it. I’m going to save the details of the story for the book, but basically the story I was assigned to is about a women named Kay, and the time she spent with her mother during her last days. Her mother was a librarian and loved books, so I created an abstract visual of a stack of books. The copy in the piece is something Kay’s mother would always say to her. It was a really touching moment and I felt that this would best represent the story of these two wonderful people. I was told that Kay loves the piece, which makes it all worth it for me.

The standard book will be released this summer, but a beautiful limited edition version has been created. It will be 304 pages with a blind deboss on brown faux leather cover, pvc inner cover and it’s all printed on Strathmore Pastelle Bright White and Pastelle Natural White paper stocks.

It was a joy to work on this project and I feel lucky to have been included.

2 thoughts on “Limited Edition Memories Book

  1. What a wonderful idea for a project. One of those design jobs that makes you celebrate the positive power that graphic design and typography can have. Very touching.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey, was just having a bit of a browse and came across your blog. Put a big smile on my face seeing this book halfway down, have one of my own on my shelf!

    Patrick Niall

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