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Wim Crouwel Archive

wim-crouwel-archive.jpg This is one of those online gems that only come around once a year. This Dutch site contains an archive of over 500 original designs by Wim Crouwel, most of which I've never seen before and that I think are some of his best. Pure brilliance. What's even better is that there's a sharp, hi-res version of each. Picking one out of the bunch to display here was a really tough decision. You will get lost in this for hours, I guarantee it. If the link doesn't work just search for Wim Crouwel. If anyone can give me more info on the site and the collection, I'd be very grateful.        

8 Comments on "Wim Crouwel Archive"

  • Joshua says

    Hey, it’s a Dutch site, appro­pri­ate since Wim Crouwel is Dutch, ”Het Geheugen van Ned­er­land” is an organ­i­sa­tion dig­i­tal­is­ing Dutch national her­itage. Great post.

  • Julius says

    I’m sorry, but first I’m going to be a lit­tle picky. First of, it’s dutch. Its a library which have been col­lect­ing every­thing dutch. Down in the right cor­ner you can choose eng­lish, and here’s a lit­tle ‘about’

    The Mem­ory of the Nether­lands is an exten­sive dig­i­tal col­lec­tion of illus­tra­tions, pho­tographs, texts, film and audio frag­ments, all of Dutch mak­ing.

    Lovely thing to do for free, espe­cially with this great col­lec­tion! Have to save it for tomor­row thou, up early. But after a fast look I’ve lost my jaw already. Thanks for the share!
    And also, the link didn’t work. Just a sim­ple search did it thou.
    Thanks again, and didn’t mean to sound so bit­ter. Blame it on a tough day.

  • Anh Dung says

    I agree that you could bother to do a lit­tle bit of research — it’s kind of odd that you are too lazy since this is some­thing that you love…
    Other than that, keep it up. I love the site.

  • Tough crowd. I was rush­ing to post because I was at work and I was also dis­tracted by the amaz­ing work. I apol­o­gize. Thanks for the corrections.

  • This is archive is such an amaz­ing resource… Crouwel’s work is, and will always be, inspir­ing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Willie says

    Thank you so much for this (and the link worked beau­ti­fully, thank you!).

  • Where can find Wim Crouwel logos col­lec­tion? Thanks