Wim Crouwel Archive


This is one of those online gems that only come around once a year.

This Dutch site contains an archive of over 500 original designs by Wim Crouwel, most of which I’ve never seen before and that I think are some of his best. Pure brilliance. What’s even better is that there’s a sharp, hi-res version of each. Picking one out of the bunch to display here was a really tough decision.

You will get lost in this for hours, I guarantee it. If the link doesn’t work just search for Wim Crouwel.

If anyone can give me more info on the site and the collection, I’d be very grateful.        

8 Comments on "Wim Crouwel Archive"

  • Joshua says

    Hey, it’s a Dutch site, appropriate since Wim Crouwel is Dutch, ”Het Geheugen van Nederland” is an organisation digitalising Dutch national heritage. Great post.

  • Julius says

    I’m sorry, but first I’m going to be a little picky. First of, it’s dutch. Its a library which have been collecting everything dutch. Down in the right corner you can choose english, and here’s a little ‘about’

    The Memory of the Netherlands is an extensive digital collection of illustrations, photographs, texts, film and audio fragments, all of Dutch making.

    Lovely thing to do for free, especially with this great collection! Have to save it for tomorrow thou, up early. But after a fast look I’ve lost my jaw already. Thanks for the share!
    And also, the link didn’t work. Just a simple search did it thou.
    Thanks again, and didn’t mean to sound so bitter. Blame it on a tough day.

  • Anh Dung says

    I agree that you could bother to do a little bit of research – it’s kind of odd that you are too lazy since this is something that you love…
    Other than that, keep it up. I love the site.

  • Tough crowd. I was rushing to post because I was at work and I was also distracted by the amazing work. I apologize. Thanks for the corrections.

  • This is archive is such an amazing resource… Crouwel’s work is, and will always be, inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  • Willie says

    Thank you so much for this (and the link worked beautifully, thank you!).

  • Where can find Wim Crouwel logos collection? Thanks