Process Journal: The Grid


Thomas Williams, one of the tal­ents behind the excel­lent Process Jour­nal, has doc­u­mented the changes that were made to the grid sys­tem for Edi­tion Two of the jour­nal. Thomas writes:

The Process Jour­nal grid has under­gone sev­eral updates for Edi­tion Two, the major change being an increase in the size of the inter­nal gut­ter from 30mm up to 40mm. Although this may appear to be only a minor adjust­ment, it changes the dynam­ics of the grid in sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways.

The extra 10mm was taken from the out­side columns, oth­er­wise reserved for image cap­tions and room for the reader’s thumbs to hold the pub­li­ca­tion (with min­i­mal over­lay of the con­tent). The space was removed evenly from these columns to min­i­mize the change in visual con­sis­tency from the pre­vi­ous edition.

Increas­ing this gut­ter also proved to be advan­ta­geous to the over­all lay­out of the pub­li­ca­tion and resulted in three out­comes: firstly, by cen­tral­iz­ing the con­tent fur­ther into the mid­dle of the page allow­ing more padding and eas­ier read­ing of type that falls within the two cen­tral columns; sec­ondly, it allows a larger clear­ance for images placed over or near the edge of the gut­ter — thus min­i­miz­ing the loss of image into the spine; and lastly, the increase results in an over­all wider area of content.

The orig­i­nal objec­tive was to cre­ate a grid that was flex­i­ble enough to deal with a wide range of con­tent, enable flex­i­bil­ity and retain visual con­sis­tency. This objec­tive still remains; hence the vast major­ity of grid has been unal­tered and has proven itself wor­thy for a sec­ond time. In our expe­ri­ence it is a rare to have the chance to revisit and refine a project so we have embraced the oppor­tu­nity and believe that small changes like these con­tribute to our endeavor of pro­duc­ing an always-improving publication.

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  • Jesse says

    I noticed that edi­tion 2 was eas­ier to read than edi­tion 1!
    Love both edi­tions though!

  • Great con­tent! i lvoe this blog :)

  • Linzella T says

    Inter­est­ing, I need to under­stand a lit­tle better

  • Pablo says

    Sorry but that made no sense to me…